Most life coaches are stuck in a slip-matt unable to scale or grow their revenue.
One client comes in and two go out and revenues just seem to be in a constant flux of yo-yo-ing, making it impossible to re-invest or make any kind of meaningful strategic decision in the business. All of this typically results in burning out and frustration over the impact you know you could have on the world.

What we have come to realize, however, is that for most life coaches, the bottleneck really resides in their ability to consistently and effectively generate high quality leads for themselves. This leads to desperation on enrollment calls (dropping prices) and taking on the wrong kind of clients - all of which can be a fatal combo for any business.


Build a lead "tap" for the business!
Having a developed system and successfully implementing it in out agency, we've seen first hand just how powerful an automated lead generation system can be at turning a business around.

Below is a breakdown of the process that goes behind building a highly lucrative and automated pipeline.


The biggest mistake most life coaches make when trying to automate their marketing is to build out generic life coach copy and call to actions. The consequence: they look like every other ad out there, campaigns don't get much traction and as a result, traffic platforms start to penalize you as an advertiser for poor performance.

The first step before even building out the funnel strategy is to work with life coaches to get down to their core solution.

Usually this involves identifying their core competence first - what tangible outcomes are they really great at whose results can be replicated amongst similar types of clients.

Activations required: Rapidfire testing, core solution messaging strategy, direct response creation, personas and targeting creation.


There are four main hooks a life coach can use to bring in leads. In this step, we assess the one that will help to create most leverage based off the life coach's resources and strengths.

Once we identify this, we can then build out the funnel strategy, this includes wireframing the messaging into the funnel, all integrations, and creating automations within the funnel to reduce workload on the business.

Activations Required: Strategy, wireframing, integrations, automations



Depending on the life coach service, product and ideal audience, we will build out traffic campaigns across various platforms to drive quality hits into the funnel.

This part includes creating evergreen retargeting sequences to ensure the client isn't leaving any money on the table - the buying cycle in the life coaching world can range from 2 weeks through to 12 months on average - so it's important to remain top of mind with any lead that showed interest.

Activations required: Creative, campaign launch, campaign management



Founded by Deyder Cintron - Industry Leader in Life Coaching Business Growth Solutions

It all started in 2016 when Deyder "cracked" a funnel for a relationship coach client that helped him grow internally to eventually attract abundance and the love of his life. Recognizing the power of life coaching, he committed to helping life coaches scale their businesses so they could impact the lives of others all over the world. Within months, this life coach went from $10K months to over $80K in monthly revenue!

Since then, we have helped hundreds of other life coaches to implement the same system and scale to over $50K in monthly revenue.

We help life coaches generate high quality leads on autopilot through automated funnels and campaigns - Get in touch to find out if we can help your business grow!



Please Note: we may have other suitable solutions we can connect you with. Reach out today!

Messaging & Positioning - includes our proprietary rapid fire testing methodology

Automated Funnels - strategy, wireframes, build, and split testing

Campaign Management - sending targeted traffic to your funnels

Strategic Direction - we understand the life coaching world through and through and can consult on a number of bottlenecks you may be facing in your business