Why Facebook is the Perfect Advertising Tool When Your Event Audience Matters

Deyder "Eman" Cintron

Does your event audience matter? (Aside from the obvious answer that “Yes! The audience is the reason for the show!!)

What we’re getting at here is this: does it matter who is in the room? Will your event be successful ONLY if the right people are in the room and the wrong people are not in the room?

When audience matters, advertising gets more complicated. How do you ensure you’re targeting the right audience AND that you’ll still be able to sell enough tickets to meet revenue goals, fulfill sponsor expectations, and so on?


Why? Because Facebook is the best platform available right now to deeply target advertising to avery customized base.

You can target ads based on tons of factors, here are some of the most useful:

Demographics: Age, gender, language, life events, ethnicity, education, political views, and more. Hosting a bridal show? You probably want women, within a specific age range, who are recently engaged.

Location: have a 2-hour event on a weekday? You probably can’t expect many people to flycross-country for it. Localize your ad targeting to spend less and get a better return. Oh, and by the way, you can target people who live in a location, people who recently were in the location (based on mobile usage), and people traveling to that location (who are over 100miles from home and recently were in that location).

Behavior: looking for someone who has recently purchased something specific? Has an anniversary coming up? Is planning a trip? A surprising number of options are available to hone your ad audience.

Interests: Interests is a very powerful tool in defining a very specific audience. If you can think about things, pages, apps, etc. that your audience might have Liked on Facebook, you can develop a really specific audience. Say you’re hosting a home show for people with a very specific Farmhouse-Chic aesthetic. You could target people who’ve liked Chip or Joanna Gaines, Magnolia Market, or the HGTV show “Fixer Upper” just for starters. You can target people who like or interact with competitive products or brands, or think about something totally unrelated to your product that your audience might have in common. Looking for affluent stay-at-home moms? You might try adding people who like “Lululemon” to your admix.

Facebook ad targeting is a powerful tool, but for the output to be any good, the input has to be good. A little time invested in planning and really thinking about your target audience goes a long way in developing great targeting for efficient ad spend.

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