10 Marketing & Sales Tips for Creating a Successful Coworking or Office Space in 2018

Deyder "Eman" Cintron

The coworking industry is growing faster than ever with 29% of all cowering spaces opened over the first half of 2018 according to The Global Coworking Survey.

This means more locations and aggressive expansion. However, gaining new members has now surfaced as the biggest challenge for most coworking spaces.

Twenty eight percent of surveyed owners mention that higher competition is the biggest challenge as they try to attract new members. With the general workload and increasing property prices, owners are left with no choice but to deliver a next-gen experience in order to boost profit margins.

More coworking spaces are opening with full amenities and extensive conveniences. From fiber optic wifi, to shaded reserved parking, to free gourmet breakfast - the service is beginning to blend in with the hotel industry! 

In a sea of “me too’s”, if you want to run a successful coworking space, you have to go beyond the standard ammenities and deliver white collar service. 

From the point in which anybody is even considering an office or coworking space, you have a chance to stand out with compelling & transparent inbound marketing 

This means that a 5 star experience doesn’t start at the office tour or when the phone rings, it stars on Google, on social media and on your website. This is where people will first research and filter whether your coworking space meets or exceeds their needs.

If your social profiles look like you aren’t open for business, you can be sure that the other coworking space that has a strong social media presence will take your business.

If your competitor’s website shows all the pricing that a prospect would need to make their decision and your website doesn’t, you can be sure they’re going to get the tour at the other coworking space before they even think of visiting yours.

For this reason, we’ve pinpointed the most important factors in delivering a white collar inbound marketing experience from the moment of first introduction to your prospects:

Your website must:

* Include pricing and multiple accurate photos of what the coworking space looks like

* Include 3D renders if there are no photos of the actual space

* Show up on Google results with updated hours, phone and info

* Provide an instant chat/messenger feature on all pages

* Include your business phone number at the top of every page

* Not be a stock image fest. Your audience values authenticity and getting to know the faces and the community behind the brand.

Your social profiles must:

* Have a less than 5 minute messenger response time.

* Have original content posts at least once a week. Posting an article from Inc every week will not increase your bottom line.

* Show a face and not just furniture/rooms. Think employees and featured members. 

* Be used to boost the community aspect of your coworking space with events, challenges, seminars & giveaways

When a prospect gets in contact:

* Did you know that responding to a lead within 30 seconds increases your chances of converting that person to a member by 300%?

* 80% of sales are made between the fifth to twelfth contact. Which means that 80% of your members will come from your follow up.

* Exceptional customer service can not only increase occupancy, but also dramatically boost your loyalty.