Billing Policies

Billing Options:

  • Project – Projects (ie. Board Handbook) are quoted in advance. 100% payment is to be paid in advance.
  • Custom Packages – Payment must be received before any billable service is provided or activated.

Payment Options:

  • We accept wire transfers, bank transfers and Paypal only.

General Policies:

  • Invoice and payment receipts are available to customers upon request.

Delinquency Policies

  • Delinquent Accounts: All accounts 15 days past due may be disabled until balances are paid in full.
  • Deactivation: After an account is delinquent 60 days, it will be terminated due to non-payment.


  • Returned Item Fee: There is a $50.00 insufficient funds check fee for returned checks in addition to the amount still due.
  • Late Fee: Invoices which remain unpaid after 7-days may be assessed a late fee of 20% of the invoice per month. No fewer than three attempts to contact the customer will be made before any late fee is assessed.
  • Chargebacks: If a customer initiates a chargeback, we may assess a $500.00 processing fee for each individual charge back.
  • Collections Fee: In the event an account is submitted to a third-party collections service, a $50.00 processing fee may be assessed to the existing account balance. This fee is in addition to any other fees previously assessed on the account.
  • Rush Fee: A 25% surcharge will be assessed for urgent, off-hour, or vacation requests.


We require a 30-day written notice to cancel any service. In the event of cancellations, Customers are still responsible for the remainder of their terms. Verbal requests to cancel do not constitute acceptance of any cancellation. Customers are encouraged to keep records of all cancellation communication.

Cancellation of an account does not dismiss outstanding invoices. At the time of cancellation, any outstanding balance must be settled. All cancelled accounts with an outstanding balance may be automatically turned over to a third-party collection service.


Payments for our services are nonrefundable and must be used within a 30 day period.


We appreciate and encourage referral business. If you refer a friend or colleague, we are happy to offer 5% off of your next invoice once their first month with us as a client is over.  Referrals may be sent to – Thank you!