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How to Build & Launch A Facebook Ads Campaign Without An Agency…

…so you can fill your events, skyrocket your webinar size or have people download your lead magnet

February 10th - May 4th

(Regular $897)
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This is for you if you want to:

Make an impact and make great income, but you don’t have the deep understanding of digital marketing with Facebook Ads that’s necessary to empower your business growth
Understand how to attract bigger audiences instead of depending solely on word of mouth marketing
Have an automated marketing system that enables consistent growth and expansion rather than to keep being stagnant
You’re sick and tired of the same old story: working with agencies that are too slow to make changes - all on your dime. You know the ad is not working, you know something needs to change, but they can’t make a change on Saturday. 

So then it’s Monday, but then they have to get in the office and regroup so by the time they get to you, it’s 2pm next Monday.

The harsh reality: Either you don’t know how to do ads and you get left behind in your field or you waste thousands with an agency that doesn’t get you results.

The good news: 
What you’re going to learn isn’t necessarily easy,
but it’s not unlearnable.

With this Start To Finish Accelerator, you no longer have to completely rely on someone else or wait to be able to afford an agency to get started. 

You no longer have to be nervous about wasting money or wasting 20 hours in ads manager not figuring it out or doing it wrong.

“One simple adjustment to our landing page tripled our registration purchases overnight” 

- The Freemans while selling out their Couples Workshop with Facebook Ads

During the 90 days, you’ll grasp how to maximize results from ads by:

Building effective campaigns that drive relevant traffic to your pages
Building an engaged audience that turns strangers into buyers
Fixing your landing page so it doesn’t suck and have it actually WORK
Say good bye to $2,500 - $3,500 monthly agency fees and instead, use that money for Ad Spend, so you can grow FASTER.
From the most effective targeting techniques to the quickest ways to correct your landing page so that it starts delivering the results you’re going after, I’ve got you covered.

What would it feel like to…

…FINALLY have your event sell out?
…FINALLY fill your mastermind without having to send 100 DMs?
…FINALLY have more than 10 people download your lead magnet?

February 10th - May 4th

(Regular $897)
Have questions? Text 310-948-3157 or email for quick answers! (from a real human being)

Whether you’re just starting out or are ready to scale your coaching business, you CAN empower yourself and demystify Facebook Ads.

Your guide:

Deyder Cintron is the TOP branding, social media & marketing consultant for coaches that are ready to go BIG.

Coaches he has helped:

If you're a fast action-taker and just want the right information...
If you’re done with piece-meal trainings and are ready to vanish imposter syndrome…
If you’re ready to finally attract bigger audiences instead of depending solely on word-of-mouth marketing…

February 10th - May 4th

(Regular $897)
Have questions? Text 310-948-3157 or email for quick answers! (from a real human being)

The Format

1 x Call a Week Monday @ 6pm CDT for 2 Hours
Optional Q&A Office 2x Hour Call On Friday at 6pm CDT
*All classes and Q&A's will be recorded and provided to you within 48 hours of the call with lifetime access*

Our Schedule

Week 1: Crafting Compelling Hooks & Irresistible Offers

Week 2: Creative That Gets Attention & Gets Them Reading

Week 3: Ad Messaging That Gets People To Click

Week 4: Launching The Ad Campaign & The Rapid Fire Test

Week 5: Building Your Funnel Strategy & Landing Page Copy

Week 6: Creating A Landing Page That Converts

Week 7: Advanced Technical Setups & Targeting Techniques

Week 8: The Power Of Analytics & Behavior Analysis

Week 9: Optimizing The Ad Campaign & Advanced Technical Setups 2

Week 10: The Power Of Video & The Golden Ads Strategy

Week 11: Advanced Strategic & Technical Optimizations

Week 12: Nurturing your Audience

Week 13: Scaling Up Traffic