Avail Digital Marketing is an agency that specializes in the event industry using world class branding as well as Facebook Ads strategies to generate ticket sales and maximize event revenue.

We're a collective of results focused experts on social media advertising, sales, marketing, web and graphic design, development, copywriting, video, audio, content and SEO.

We're passionate about using this expertise to help sell out your event and help you go beyond previously imaginable heights.

We believe that by being great leaders ourselves we can inspire others to be greater leaders as well. It's through this leadership that we're able to take the essence of a business and 10x its impact through our creative flare.
Avail was founded in 2016 by Deyder "Eman" Cintron, a media specialist that amassed 10 years of top tier, Hollywood production experience that's now focused on empowering event businesses, managers and promoters all over the world.

Throughout the years, he's had the privilege of enhancing the productions of companies such as Walt Disney, Google and many small businesses alike.

His team is comprised of world class experts that have helped brands like Nissan, Beachbody, McDonalds and many others skyrocket their online marketing results.

Together, our goal is to ensure the highest delivery of the success of your event's revenue, branding and awareness goals.
By partnering with with us, nothing can hold you back from fulfilling the wildest vision of what you define as success for your event.

"All organizations start with WHY, but only the great ones keep their WHY clear year after year."

- Simon Sinek


Deyder ("Eman")

Founder & CEO

A leader at creating relationship building experiences, strategic social media campaigns & growth-driven websites that put your business sales in overdrive.


Photography & Digital Art Composite Master

Award winning photographer based in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Sound Mixer

9+ years of experience with professional audio specializing in sound capture for Commercial, Documentary, ENG, Reality and Narrative Productions.


Award Winning UX/UI Designer

For over 25 years, he's designed for websites, online advertising, e-commerce sites, mobile web apps, direct-mail campaigns, and brand identity for clients that include American Airlines, Pepsi, The U.S. Air Force, AT&T, CNN, and Dell, just to name a few.


Web Design & Development

A graphic/web designer with a passion for creativity. His talents have enhanced brands from all over the world.


PR Strategist

Esther helps experts and personal brands get exposure for an extended period of time by placing them on the right media outlets. Her work will help you bring in millions of dollars in additional sales.
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